Zoe Lionheart - «A Woman Too Hot To Handle»


«Don't hand her a nuke if you don't want her to use it» (Wyatt, her employer)
«Bad ass» (Carol H.)
«If you have to fight, fight to kill» (Zoe's motto)
«I can handle everything except a medium sized nuclear blast» (Zoe's self-assessment)

Zoe Lionheart is a heroine created by Valerie J. Long. Fans, readers, visitors, Welcome to my place!
Zoe Lionheart ist eine Heldin der Autorin Valerie J. Long. Fans, Leser, Besucher, willkommen bei mir!


Cover thumbnail of Lioness Tracks 4, Expedition Lioness Tracks IV-Expedition (Zoe Lionheart Book 24)
Publisher: eXtasybooks (2021)
ISBN: 978-1-4874-3326-0
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If war doesn’t come to Johanna, Johanna will go where the war is.
Francine grinned at me, but then frowned. Did I make such a grim face?
My nano-optical receptors showed me dark shapes behind the stage door, sharp blades in hands, and a security guard just going down.
Johanna returns to Earth from her exploration mission with a heavy burden—the survival of two peoples is at stake, menaced by an all-devouring creature. Now she must convince mankind that helping the foreigners is rewarding—and at the same time, she must defeat the human opponents who threaten to destroy everything she ever built. Time is running out—will she be able to return, and if so, will she still find someone to save?

Miniatur des Titelbilds Die Fährte der Löwin IX: Apokalypse
ISBN: 978-0-244-40343-0
Vorschau und Verlag
Der Tag des Jüngsten Gerichts ist gekommen – die Invasoren erreichen unser Sonnensystem in großer Zahl. Nun muss die Menschheit beweisen, dass sie ihre Lektion gelernt hat. Die Lionhearts sind fort, Johanna ist in ihrem Exil eingefroren. Zusammen mit Achrotzyber, den Mambas und den Drachlingen versuchen Jenny und Sylvie eine Verteidigung zusammenzuschustern, die wenigstens die erste Welle der Feinde zu stoppen vermag.

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