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Valerie J. Long's Zoe Lionheart Series

Lioness' Heart (Zoe Lionheart Book 1)

Cover thumbnail of Lioness' Heart Publisher: eXtasybooks (2010)
ISBN: 978-1-55487-524-5
Cover art: Martine Jardin
Words: ca. 35'000
Excerpt and publisher link

A woman too hot to handle
On the evening of her planned betrothal, a killer shoots down the friend of young system programmer, Zoe Laforge. On the run from a killer and bogus policemen, she is drafted into a maelstrom of violence. Soon her entire existence is at stake. The witness protection program offers Zoe a new identity and a new job. In the beginning, it seems as if her hacker skills are needed most, but suddenly someone's after her life. Zoe's fighting talents surprise her teammates, but even more of a surprise is the data about a terror act of yet unknown quality, which she retrieved. And only Zoe is in a position to make it fail.

Lioness' Blood (Zoe Lionheart Book 2)

Cover thumbnail of Lioness' Blood Reviewers Top Pick button and link Publisher: eXtasybooks (2010)
ISBN: 978-1-55487-600-6
Cover art: Martine Jardin
Words: ca. 55'000
Excerpt and publisher link

The only useful kind of self-deception is if you can persuade yourself to be strong
A few weeks on vacation should help Zoe to understand herself better. Instead, every assignment requires her to outdo herself again. To the blood she has to fight for her teammates' survival--only to be betrayed by her own employer.

Lioness' Skin (Zoe Lionheart Book 3)

Cover thumbnail of Lioness' Skin Publisher: eXtasybooks (2010)
ISBN: 978-1-55487-679-2
Cover art: Martine Jardin
Words: ca. 41'000
Excerpt and publisher link

A woman on the trace of her super powers' origins
Zoe has challenged powerful opponents--suddenly the huntress becomes the hunted. But you shouldn't count your kittens before they are born. In the total darkness of a large cave system, she has to face her true origin.

Lioness' Wings (Zoe Lionheart Book 4)

Cover thumbnail of Lioness' Wings Publisher: eXtasybooks (2011)
ISBN: 978-1-55487-759-1
Cover art: Martine Jardin
Words: ca. 77'000
Excerpt and publisher link

She's the deadliest woman in the world, don't get on her wrong side
Inspired by her new findings, Zoe takes up the fight against the masterminds. But when those pull out all the stops, they are prepared to draw the entirety of mankind in a world-spanning war. Provided with extensive authority, April and Zoe try to stop the lingering doom.

Lioness' Bride (Zoe Lionheart Book 5)

Cover thumbnail of Lioness' Bride Publisher: eXtasybooks (2011)
ISBN: 978-1-55487-844-4
Cover art: Martine Jardin
Words: ca. 118'000
Excerpt and publisher link

Even a heroine has to pay for her errors-dearly
"Short and mean", that's how April characterizes herself, and "short" certainly doesn't apply to her meanness. She's been in the covert operations business long before the twists of events changed Zoe's ordinary life forever. Once they joined forces they were virtually unstoppable. Where does the short blonde woman at Zoe's side come from, and how could she become the world's most powerful soldier?

Lioness' Combat (Zoe Lionheart Book 6)

Cover thumbnail of Lioness' Combat Publisher: eXtasybooks (2011)
ISBN: 978-1-55487-911-3
Cover art: Martine Jardin
Words: ca. 65'000
Excerpt and publisher link

April says: I'm a down-to-earth girl. I need something to throw a hand grenade at
By the rules she’s established herself, Zoe appears guilty, and the death warrant has to be issued. She will never break her own rules, even if it means having to execute herself. Can April find a way to convince her soulmate otherwise?

Lioness' Dream (Zoe Lionheart Book 7)

Cover thumbnail of Lioness' Dream Publisher: eXtasybooks (2011)
ISBN: 978-1-55487-989-2
Cover art: Martine Jardin
Words: ca. 75'000
Excerpt and publisher link

No superpowers, no impressive looks. Just her determination makes the difference. Don't cross Angry April
The discovery of a doomsday device in the heart of Denver has clearly told Zoe and April that they're running out of time. They may have only days left to save mankind from annihilation, and they still have to locate their enemy. There's no choice but to try something new, which may alienate Zoe from April's side. Are the two women prepared to pay that price? And is mankind willing to let itself be saved? Or would that just be a pact with a different kind of evil?

Lioness' Pack (Zoe Lionheart Book 8)

Cover thumbnail of Lioness' Pack Publisher: eXtasybooks (2012)
ISBN: 978-1-77111-061-7
Cover art: Martine Jardin
Words: ca. 118'000
Excerpt and publisher link

The Lionhearts won’t fear death nor devil—Satan has to fear the day they’re moving in.
Like mother, like children, the proverb goes. But what does that mean if both mothers are living legends? There’s not much time for the Lioness’ pack to find out before Earth is bound to be destroyed in a war carried out with no holds barred.

Lonesome Angel (Zoe Lionheart Book 9)

Cover thumbnail of Lonesome Angel Publisher: eXtasybooks (2012)
ISBN: 978-1-77111-164-5
Cover art: Martine Jardin
Words: ca. 78'000
Excerpt and publisher link

She's seen it all, but can't remember even her name.
Naked, penniless, without memories or a name, the grown-up foundling is discovered in a forest of Wiesbaden, Germany. Undaunted, she faces her fate that's putting new spokes in her wheel all the time. All of a sudden she finds herself on the road again, unemployed and homeless and under suspicion of murder, and she sees no way out but prostitution. Then some of her memories come back to haunt her. Will she ever find out the truth about herself, about how her personal fate is linked with the Lionhearts?

Lioness Crusade (Zoe Lionheart Book 10)

Cover thumbnail of Lioness Crusade Publisher: eXtasybooks (2012)
ISBN: 978-1-77111-239-0
Cover art: Martine Jardin
Words: ca. 99'000
Excerpt and publisher link

Invaders beware—the Lionhearts are coming for you to kick some alien ass!
“If the invaders are the plague of this universe, then we’re the antibodies,” April claims. Together with her family, she starts a crusade against the overwhelming number of enemies. That she might need a few millennia to find them all can’t dim her determination. But then she learns she may have to die first.
Is it hubris to venture on such a mission? Or is the mission’s failure already factored into April’s plans, is it just about suicide with guns blazing, about taking as many of them with her as possible to satisfy her hunger for revenge?

Lioness Oath (Zoe Lionheart Book 11)

Cover thumbnail of Lioness Oath Publisher: eXtasybooks (2012)
ISBN: 978-1-77111-347-2
Cover art: Martine Jardin
Words: ca. 76'000
Excerpt and publisher link

She's the Angry April. She isn't wind, but hurricane. The galaxy shall tremble with fear at the mention of her name.
"As long as there's a spark of life in me, I will not rest until this race is erased from the face of our galaxy," April had sworn. But what will happen to this oath if the extraterrestrial invaders are needed as allies against a danger much more horrifying? First, the Lionhearts must put the puzzle pieces together and find out who's really fighting in this war and what they're after.

Lioness Legacy I-Loser (Zoe Lionheart Book 12)

Cover thumbnail of Lioness Legacy I, Loser Publisher: eXtasybooks (2013)
ISBN: 978-1-77111-425-7
Cover art: Carmen Waters
Words: ca. 98'000
Excerpt and publisher link

Life is hard and unfair—the most adaptable can survive anywhere, even a born loser. Who said a loser has to be fair?
A remote villa at the sea is an interesting challenge for a skilled thief in the first place. But if the landlord belongs to a worldwide-operating crime syndicate, it’s not advisable to get caught. Sadly, Jo learns about this too late—such just happens to a loser.
So she finds herself in a cell with a lot of time to contemplate her own life and how she arrived in her current situation. Will that give her a clue on how to escape?

Lioness Legacy II-Loonie (Zoe Lionheart Book 13)

Cover thumbnail of Lioness Legacy II, Loonie Publisher: eXtasybooks (2013)
ISBN: 978-1-77111-513-1
Cover art: Carmen Waters
Words: ca. 99'000
Excerpt and publisher link4-star-review on TBR pile

To boldly go where no sane girl has ever gone before
The village is a fortress, but the walls are invisible—deadly radioactive contamination. The people inside haven’t seen a policeman for decades. The strongest rule, as simple as that. Women are traded for entertainment. Not the best place for a pretty female thief to be caught in the action…Only a lunatic would accept this challenge.
Johanna—or short, Jo—no longer regards herself a loser. She’s a successful whore, thief, gambler. But her game is dangerous, outright lunatic—more and more often she sets out to cause trouble for the worldwide organized crime, called the Cartel, only to go into hiding again. How long can that work?

Lioness Legacy III-Lover (Zoe Lionheart Book 14)

Cover thumbnail of Lioness Legacy III, Lover Publisher: eXtasybooks (2013)
ISBN: 978-1-77111-614-5
Cover art: Carmen Waters
Words: ca. 93'000
Excerpt and publisher link

Call her Velvet - freelance secret agent for her own cause
Jo is fed up with playing games. Hiding and running away can’t protect her from the Cartel’s stalking. She decides to raise the stakes and venture herself on a search for the ruling board of the worldwide-operating crime ring. But her enemies don’t play by the rules. They play a special card, and Jo must face her death.

Lioness Legacy IV-Torment (Zoe Lionheart Book 15)

Cover thumbnail of Lioness Legacy IV, Torment Publisher: eXtasybooks (2013)
ISBN: 978-1-77111-703-6
Cover art: Carmen Waters
Words: ca. 63'000
Excerpt and publisher link

She brings bright light to humanity's darkest hour
Organized crime has suffered another drawback, but the masterminds are still well established. Politicians are helpless against the world-spanning organization that has secured the monopoly on Dragon technology. Should Jo leave it to mankind to shake off this yoke, or should she risk her life again for others who wouldn't lift a finger for her sake?

Lioness Legacy V-Treason (Zoe Lionheart Book 16)

Cover thumbnail of Lioness Legacy V, Treason Publisher: eXtasybooks (2014)
ISBN: 978-1-77111-790-6
Cover art: Carmen Waters
Words: ca. 47'000
Excerpt and publisher link

Don't try to cheat a woman who doesn't play by the rules.
For her crimes, Jo is sentenced to prison for life. She knew it would be no vacation-but what she encounters there is worse than her wildest imagination. So she should be open to an offer, shouldn't she? But what if her allies play a wicked game with her?

Lioness Legacy VI-Threat (Zoe Lionheart Book 17)

Cover thumbnail of Lioness Legacy VI, Threat Publisher: eXtasybooks (2014)
ISBN: 978-1-77111-911-5
Cover art: Carmen Waters
Words: ca. 37'800
Excerpt and publisher link

She may be nude, but she’s never unarmed.
In her own eyes, Jo deserved a few days of luxurious vacation on the Côte d’Azur. Moreover, a little gambling should improve her funding. She hadn’t expected to encounter a sore loser. Even less had she expected the appearance of a new special unit of organized crime that quite soon could become a threat to her plans. To stay ahead of her opponents, she must enter the ZONE again, and this time she can’t expect to escape from there unhurt.

Lioness Legacy VII-Tracked (Zoe Lionheart Book 18)

Cover thumbnail of Lioness Legacy VII, Tracked Publisher: eXtasybooks (2014)
ISBN: 978-1-77111-970-2
Cover art: Carmen Waters
Words: ca. 38'300
Excerpt and publisher link

She’s Velvet—the mention of her name makes hard-boiled criminals wet their pants.
The time has come to put Johanna’s plan to work, but at the same time, her opponents zero in on her. How can she assemble her team if her pursuers won’t leave her alone anywhere? Worse, how can she protect innocents from being hurt as collateral damage?

Lioness Legacy VIII-Teacher (Zoe Lionheart Book 19)

Cover thumbnail of Lioness Legacy VIII, Teacher Publisher: eXtasybooks (2014)
ISBN: 978-1-4874-0077-4
Cover art: Carmen Waters
Words: ca. 33'800
Excerpt and publisher link

She brings light into darkness—with her fists, if necessary.
If Johanna offers herself as bait, her friends should be safe from her opponents’ stalking, she thinks. Sadly, her plan works too well. Her opponents plan to seize everything she’s been fighting for. They send out teams to kill Johanna—where death would still be a merciful fate for her. Can Johanna bear this burden in the long run?

Lioness Legacy IX-Terminator (Zoe Lionheart Book 20)

Cover thumbnail of Lioness Legacy IX, Terminator Publisher: eXtasybooks (2015)
ISBN: 978-1-4874-0239-6
Cover art: Carmen Waters
Words: ca. 74'400
Excerpt and publisher link

If Jo has learned one thing, it’s that life’s never fair.
Her sister-in-arms’ violent death shook Johanna to the core. Now she needs to regain her strength while old and new enemies get in position around her. She ventures on a trip for leisure and self-discovery and quickly finds herself at war with organized crime. How can she protect those innocents between the lines from paying dearly?

Lioness Tracks I-Entrance (Zoe Lionheart Book 21)

Cover thumbnail of Lioness Tracks 1, Entrance Publisher: eXtasybooks (2015)
ISBN: 978-1-4874-0533-5
Cover art: Carmen Waters
Words: ca. 60'700
Excerpt and publisher link

Now that Johanna is truly in charge, she will take all the heat
Responsibility rests hard on Johanna’s shoulders—for her friends and companions in fate, for innocent mankind, even for her enemies. Johanna hasn’t much time left to familiarize herself with her new role when a new-old enemy announces his arrival. But there’s still so much to do—will it work out in the end?

Lioness Tracks II-Exploration (Zoe Lionheart Book 22)

Cover thumbnail of Lioness Tracks 2, Exploration Publisher: eXtasybooks (2019)
ISBN: 978-1-4874-1358-3
Cover art: Carmen Waters
Words: ca. 60'000
Excerpt and publisher link

If you can’t stand the heat, don’t come close to a Dragon.
Jo and her team successfully prevented the second invasion. Only a single enemy Scout made it to Earth, but the horror it brought makes people shiver. For Jo, it’s clear—to get ahead of another attack, she must enter hostile territory, even if there is no chance for a return journey.

Lioness Tracks III-Assassin (Zoe Lionheart Book 23)

Cover thumbnail of Lioness Tracks 3, Assassin Publisher: eXtasybooks (2021)
ISBN: 978-1-4874-2644-6
Cover art: Martine Jardin
Words: ca. 38'000
Excerpt and publisher link

Her body is a deadly weapon—she’s a Mamba.
I heard the chafing and then clacking noise of a pistol slide, reached the door, spotted an athletic man with bald spot and thin beard in a pale suit aiming at another man on a chair. He turned back to me with eyes widened in surprise. He merely had to pull the trigger and our mission would have failed.
My name is Monique Arnaud. I am a Mamba. My teammates and I were biochemically enhanced and trained by the Cartel as professional assassins. Now we’re working for the Dragon empress as secret agents instead. Our mission is to extract the Cartel’s instruments—Dragon technology experts—from their captivity.
The world-wide crime cartel is shattered, but still numerous graduates of the old Dragon technology university are in the hands of merciless criminals. To free them and win them as supporters for Johanna’s defense efforts is the perfect challenge for her special unit, the Mambas. But such a mission bears high risk and doesn’t always run smoothly. What kind of sacrifices must the fighters make to reach their goals?

Lioness Tracks IV-Expedition (Zoe Lionheart Book 24)

Cover thumbnail of Lioness Tracks 4, Expedition Publisher: eXtasybooks (2021)
ISBN: 978-1-4874-3326-0
Cover art: Martine Jardin
Words: ca. 92'000
Excerpt and publisher link

If war doesn’t come to Johanna, Johanna will go where the war is.
Francine grinned at me, but then frowned. Did I make such a grim face?
My nano-optical receptors showed me dark shapes behind the stage door, sharp blades in hands, and a security guard just going down.
Johanna returns to Earth from her exploration mission with a heavy burden—the survival of two peoples is at stake, menaced by an all-devouring creature. Now she must convince mankind that helping the foreigners is rewarding—and at the same time, she must defeat the human opponents who threaten to destroy everything she ever built. Time is running out—will she be able to return, and if so, will she still find someone to save?

Lioness Tracks V-Anonymous (Zoe Lionheart Book 25)

Cover thumbnail of Lioness Tracks 5, Anonymous Publisher: eXtasybooks (2022)
ISBN: 978-1-4874-3593-6
Cover art: Martine Jardin
Words: ca. 71'000
Excerpt and publisher link

Humiliation and abuse cannot make Monique’s determination and dedication falter.
Monique is on a mission only she alone can complete to protect mankind from great evil. But this mission is also dangerous for those who are most dear to her—should she pursue or abandon it?
While Johanna, as supreme commander of the United Nations Space Forces, prepares for her departure to the stars, Mamba Monique and her partner, Elodie, venture on a solitary mission that no one else could accomplish. To track down the terrorists that repeatedly launch assaults on Johanna and her team, she presents herself as an irresistible bait. However, once the enemy takes the bait, she’s separated from her teammate. How can she persevere in this environment without busting her cover and thus dooming her mission to fail?

The Forgotten People

Time of War - The Forgotten People 1

Cover thumbnail of The Forgotten People 1, Time of War Time of War - The Forgotten People 1
Publisher: eXtasybooks (2020)
ISBN: 978-1-4874-2390-0
Cover art: Martine Jardin
Words: ca. 83'000
Excerpt and publisher link
Syreen takes daring to a new level—all alone against a galaxy full of enemies—or is she? “I will do what needs to be done to protect my shipmates, complete my mission, fulfill my duties as the Duchy’s Fleet Commander in Charge, and navigate this ship in battle.”
Lieutenant Syreen thinks of herself as a skilled spaceship pilot in the Duchy Fleet. When another stellar nation invades her home system, her skills are put to the ultimate test. Before long, all her wingmates are shot dead, all their other spaceships are destroyed, and she soon she finds herself as Fleet’s only survivor on active duty. How is she supposed to fight the already victorious enemy battleships all alone?
Giving up is not an option, at least not for her. Forced to withdraw and find new answers, she must also keep control of her own body that begins to demand warm blood.
After her escape, she starts looking for support for her cause. However, no other nation wants to become the invaders’ next target. Instead of support, she only finds a few lucky survivors, and a researcher who will at least fund her while following his own goals. His mention of the remnants of an ancient race triggers her curiosity—because the invaders were also looking for a relic of an ancient race. Could these two goals be related?

Time of Worries - The Forgotten People 2

Cover thumbnail of The Forgotten People 2, Time of Worries Time of Worries - The Forgotten People 2
Publisher: eXtasybooks (2020)
ISBN: 978-1-4874-2929-4
Cover art: Martine Jardin
Words: ca. 43'000
Excerpt and publisher link
She’s a Navigator. Impossible odds are her favorite pastime.
Syreen can travel for free—but she will also be the youngest, prettiest thing aboard. Aboard merchant ships, this usually implies the role of ship’s cat, playgirl for the crew. As part of her covert mission, she must deal with this inconvenience.
She should also remain inconspicuous and invisible to the authorities, but without experience in covert missions, she’s bound to fail. Can she achieve her goals anyway? What will happen to her if her enemies spot her?

Time of Wonders - The Forgotten People 3

Cover thumbnail of The Forgotten People 3, Time of Wonders Time of Wonders - The Forgotten People 3
Publisher: eXtasybooks (2020)
ISBN: 978-1-4874-2934-8
Cover art: Martine Jardin
Words: ca. 47'000
Excerpt and publisher link
She’s a Navigator. There’s no path in space she can’t travel.
Syreen escaped from her prison, but she’s still deep in enemy territory. Her enemies are countless, and their master turned out as one of her own people. Shaken by her findings, she must find a way back to her ship and her few allies, with an entire hostile navy searching for her. Will she be able to cover her tracks better this time?
But the enemy master has a few more tricks up his sleeve.

Time of Wisdom - The Forgotten People 4

Cover thumbnail of The Forgotten People 4, Time of Wisdom Time of Wisdom - The Forgotten People 4
Publisher: eXtasybooks (2020)
ISBN: 978-1-4874-2936-2
Cover art: Martine Jardin
Words: ca. 65'000
Excerpt and publisher link
She’s a Navigator. Protecting intelligent life is her job.
Cornered and severely outnumbered by the Association’s navy, Syreen tries to reunite with her living ship. While her enemies blackmail her with an asteroid tossed down on an inhabited planet, the real danger hasn’t even shown up yet—the fabric of space itself is torn apart, and within the ruptures, not only does space travel fail, but stars will die…together with their planets.
On her own, she can’t win. But where can she find help?

Other publications of Valerie J. Long

Lilith Rose

Cover thumbnail of Lilith Rose Publisher: eXtasybooks (2010)
Cover art: Angela Waters
Words: ca. 7'500
Excerpt and publisher link

She came to town with a mission. Is it just seducing men?

We Is Hot

Cover thumbnail of We Is Hot Publisher: eXtasybooks (2011)
ISBN: 978-1-55487-897-0
Cover art: Martine Jardin
Words: ca. 11'000
Excerpt and publisher link

We came to this world to spend ultimate joy, only the pleasures without the pain, and no undesired side effects. So what have we done wrong to make the powers-that-be send a killer on our heels?

The Second Soulmate

Cover thumbnail of The Second Soulmate Publisher: eXtasybooks (2022)
ISBN: 978-1-4874-3643-8
Cover art: Martine Jardin
Words: ca. 17'000
Excerpt and publisher link

Catherine Mallory is an ex-cop, storage worker, and waitress. Her life has become dull after she lost her partner and therefore quit her job. She likes dull.
Catherine Mallory was one of Frangeles’ best detectives, until the day that her partner was killed by an unlucky stray bullet. She quit her police job and started operating a forklift at day, serving drinks at night. Both jobs together pay her rent and her food and keep her from brooding over how she had failed her teammate.
One day though, she finds the dead victim of a violent crime, and her old job instincts kick in. She decides to investigate and interfere. She can’t know that this decision will lead her into deeper trouble than ordinary mortals could imagine.