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Character Interview with Zoe Lionheart
Author spotlight with Valerie J. Long
Character spotlight with Lilith Rose

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Character Bites with Valerie J. Long’s Zoe Lionheart
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Brutally Honest of The To Be Read Pile wrote:

Lioness’ Legacy II - Loonie: «(...) I wasn’t sure if I was ready to commit to such a long story but right away I was swept up by the authors description (...)»
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Erona Diane of Night Owl Reviews wrote:

We Is Hot: «(...) This was very hot! And not hot in a its-a-summer-day-and-the-temperature-is-above-100-degrees, this was hot in a the-devil-will-play-the-drums-with-my-skeleton hot. Turns out the heat description was almost dead on with the supernatural creature I was reading about.»
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Aiobhan of Night Owl Reviews wrote:

Lioness’ Skin: «(...) there are many elements to this novel that I do like: the overall premise of the novel and the strong bond between the characters- just to name a few. But overall the story is too long, lacks focus, and just does not deliver on any level.»
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Krista wrote for Julie Dawson:

Lioness’ Heart: «Lioness’ Heart had the right kind of plot to keep me reading. I enjoyed how the story moved from her normal life to limbo to action star.»
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Sassy of Alternative Reads wrote:

Lioness’ Heart: «There is certainly a plethora of action in this one and since the author has some talents in the system area it definitely lends credence to the authenticity of those details.»
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Missy of Night Owl Reviews wrote:

Lioness’ Blood: «Ms. Long is very graphic and very detailed on her storytelling that I found that to be hard to follow at times, but that was more than made up for in the steamy sex scenes, great secondary characters and a good plot!!»
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Vee of Night Owl Reviews wrote:

Lioness’ Heart: «Zoe Laforge is a gorgeous, bad-ass killing machine with Crouching-Tiger-Hidden-Dragon type of surreal abilities.»
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Lin Welch, Author of "Along came a demon", wrote:

Decisive Date: When sexy Zoe Laforge’s lover, Rick, is murdered before her eyes, Zoe is on the run from the assassin and crooked cops. But if they thought Zoe would be an easy target they were very much mistaken, for Zoe has followed the disciplines of the martial arts for many years and is also an expert markswoman. Zoe follows the clue Rick left her to retrieve evidence to bring the bad guys down, and she’ll let nothing stop her.

Lioness’ Heart: Zoe is recruited into a secret ops team and given a new identity: Zoe Lionheart. As a IT maven, her job is to infiltrate organizations that threaten the security of the United States and gather evidence. But when Zoe’s cover is broken, she is captured and finds herself on her own with no backup. Zoe fights her way free, leaving carnage in her wake and returns to her team to tell them she has discovered a devious plot involving biological warfare that threatens twenty-five million people worldwide.

Lioness’ Claws: Zoe knew she was fast but not that she was exceptionally so, until Doc Holiday tells her she has outpaced and outfought the top people in their field. He confides to Matt, the team’s leader, that Zoe’s feels emotionally rewarded when she kills and warns him that everything that can be done to keep Zoe stable should be pursued. Matt senses there is more to Zoe than the ice-cold killer, and learns that Zoe’s past holds a secret that even she is unaware of. More incredible action takes place when Zoe’s team sets out to save the world and when they land in trouble, Zoe must save them.

Valerie Long creates fast-paced scenarios with exciting plots, complex characters and attention to technical detail. I was alternately shocked by Zoe’s actions and sympathetic to her dilemmas. Long pulls no punches when it comes to graphic, realistic action. Zoe is a no-nonsense, no compromise seductress abruptly hurled into an exciting and dangerous world that is her natural element. But Zoe also has to fight her own instability. Read her story and you, too, will fall under her siren spell.