Zoe Lionheart - «A Woman Too Hot To Handle»


«Don't hand her a nuke if you don't want her to use it» (Wyatt, her employer)
«Bad ass» (Carol H.)
«If you have to fight, fight to kill» (Zoe's motto)
«I can handle everything except a medium sized nuclear blast» (Zoe's self-assessment)

Zoe Lionheart is a heroine created by Valerie J. Long. Fans, readers, visitors, Welcome to my place!
Zoe Lionheart ist eine Heldin der Autorin Valerie J. Long. Fans, Leser, Besucher, willkommen bei mir!


Cover thumbnail of The Second Soulmate The Second Soulmate
Publisher: eXtasybooks (2022)
ISBN: 978-1-4874-3643-8
Cover art: Martine Jardin
Words: ca. 17'000
Excerpt and publisher link
Catherine Mallory is an ex-cop, storage worker, and waitress. Her life has become dull after she lost her partner and therefore quit her job. She likes dull.
Catherine Mallory was one of Frangeles’ best detectives, until the day that her partner was killed by an unlucky stray bullet. She quit her police job and started operating a forklift at day, serving drinks at night. Both jobs together pay her rent and her food and keep her from brooding over how she had failed her teammate.
One day though, she finds the dead victim of a violent crime, and her old job instincts kick in. She decides to investigate and interfere. She can’t know that this decision will lead her into deeper trouble than ordinary mortals could imagine.

Cover thumbnail of Lioness Tracks 5, Anonymous Lioness Tracks V-Anonymous (Zoe Lionheart Book 25)
Publisher: eXtasybooks (2022)
ISBN: 978-1-4874-3593-6
Excerpt and publisher link
Humiliation and abuse cannot make Monique’s determination and dedication falter.
Monique is on a mission only she alone can complete to protect mankind from great evil. But this mission is also dangerous for those who are most dear to her—should she pursue or abandon it?
While Johanna, as supreme commander of the United Nations Space Forces, prepares for her departure to the stars, Mamba Monique and her partner, Elodie, venture on a solitary mission that no one else could accomplish. To track down the terrorists that repeatedly launch assaults on Johanna and her team, she presents herself as an irresistible bait. However, once the enemy takes the bait, she’s separated from her teammate. How can she persevere in this environment without busting her cover and thus dooming her mission to fail?

Miniatur des Titelbilds Die Fährte der Löwin IX: Apokalypse
ISBN: 978-0-244-40343-0
Vorschau und Verlag
Der Tag des Jüngsten Gerichts ist gekommen – die Invasoren erreichen unser Sonnensystem in großer Zahl. Nun muss die Menschheit beweisen, dass sie ihre Lektion gelernt hat. Die Lionhearts sind fort, Johanna ist in ihrem Exil eingefroren. Zusammen mit Achrotzyber, den Mambas und den Drachlingen versuchen Jenny und Sylvie eine Verteidigung zusammenzuschustern, die wenigstens die erste Welle der Feinde zu stoppen vermag.

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